boredom = procrastination

-smoked a cigarette: no
-smoked a cigar: nope
-crashed a friend’s car: Nope
-stolen a car: No
-been in love: No
-been dumped: no
-been fired: Never
-been in a fist fight: no
-snuck out of your parent’s house: not yet… 😉
-had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back: yes
-been arrested: No
-made out with a stranger: no
-gone on a blind date: No
-lied to a friend: Yes
-had a crush on a teacher: eh…not really
-skipped school: no
-slept with a co-worker: Nope
-seen someone die: No
-been on a plane: Yes
-thrown up in a bar: No
-taken painkillers: Yes
-love someone or miss someone right now: Yeah
-lain on your back and watched cloud shapes go by: Of course
-made a snow angel: yep
-played dress up: Yes
-cheated while playing a game: Yes
-been lonely: Yes
-fallen asleep at work/school: Yes
-used a fake ID: not yet, lol
-felt an earthquake: No
-touched a snake: yeah
-run a red light: nope
-been suspended from school: No
-had detention: yes, one lunch detention in 6th, but i got out of it, so no, lol
-been in a car accident: no
-witnessed a crime: ummm…..jaywalking count?
-pole danced: No
-been lost: Yes
-been to the opposite side of the country: no
-felt like dying: Yes
-cried yourself to sleep: yes
-played cops and robbers: yep
-sung karaoke: Not in public
-done something you told yourself you wouldn’t: no
-laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose: lol, yes
-caught a snowflake on your tongue: yep
-sang in the shower: yes
-had a dream that you married someone: no
-got your tongue stuck to a flag pole: No
-worn the opposite sex’s clothes: Yeah
-sat on a roof top: yes
-not taken a shower for a week: no. Although I doubt I would admit to it if I did
-been scared to watch scary movies: lol, YES
-played chicken: Yes
-been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on: YES!!! (*cough matt cough*)
-been told you’re hot by a complete stranger: actually yes
-broken a bone: no
-been easily amused: lol, all the time
-laughed so hard you cried: Yes
-cried so hard you laughed: Yeah
-mooned/flashed someone: lol…not yet
-cheated on a test: no
-forgotten someone’s name: hmmm….i try not to
-slept naked: nope
-skinny dipped in a pool: i want to, but i’d want company… 😉
-been kicked out of your house: nope
-blacked out from drinking: no
-played a prank on someone: Yes
-gone to a late night movie: not yet (HP4!!!)

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