procrastination = life after dark

[x] = yes
[/] = sort of
comments in (parentheses)–

[x] I have a cell phone. call me 😉 lol
[ ] I am obsessed with having my shoes match my outfit.
[ ] I’m the youngest child.
[ ] I am a boy.
[/] I love wearing dangly earrings.
[ ] I am a gemini.
[/] I’m obsessed with dogs.
[ ] I can’t live without lipgloss.
[x] I can’t live without music.
[x] I lived in a different state in the U.S. before.
[ ] I get an allowance.
[ ] I want to be in high school forever.
[ ] I’ve seen Jason Mraz in person.
[/] I get annoyed easily. (lol, sometimes)
[x] I eventually want kids.
[x] I love to read.
[/] I have more than a couple horrible memories.
[x] I am addicted to the Disney Channel/Disney movies. (heck yes!)
[x] I am a girl.
[/] I’m a worried person.
[x] I’m in high school.
[xxxxxx] I love taking pictures. (hehe)
[x] I like to swim.
[/] My dreams are sometimes weird. [now, do you mean, dreams or fantasies… ;D]
[ ] One of my friends is gay. (none that i know of/told me…)
[x] I dress how I feel that day.
[ ] I’ve never fallen asleep during school. (are you kidding?!?!?)
[ ] Sometimes I cry for almost no reason.
[x] Sometimes it bugs me when people are really late. (grrr)
[x] I procrastinate. (hahaha!)
[x] I love autumn. (best season!)
[ ] I have too many clothes.
[x] I like to sleep in.
[ ] I’ve failed a class in high school.
[/] I’m afraid of spiders. (big ugly ones = *shudder*)
[ ] I have nail polish on my fingernails or toe nails right now.
[x] I’ve watched the O.C.
[/] I love my hair. (i like the color)
[ ] I never fight with my parents. (…)
[x] I like the beach. (good times…)
[ ] I have never had the chicken pox.
[x] I’m excited for the future. (hell yeah)
[x] I have family out of state.
[x] I can’t wait till my birthday. [16!!! (finally…)]
[ ] I love the show Rich Girls (never even heard of it…)
[x] I love my friends. (with all my heart)
[/] Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. (…)
[ ] I can be very insecure all the time.
[x] I have never broken a bone.
[x] I have a laptop.
[x] I love people that love music. [:D]
[/] I state the obvious sometimes just to reassure myself. (haha, yes, that’s the reason…)
[x] I dance randomly sometimes.
[?] I’m a good singer. (ummm, idk? i just like to sing…)
[x] I am right handed.
[/] I sometimes like cleaning my room. (i like finding things from like 3rd grade…those are the best)
[ ] I’m taking german class.
[/] I never get jealous. (most of the time i don’t. seriously)
[x] I love cute underwear/thongs. hehe 😉
[/] I love doing math. (when i understand what i’m doing)
[ ] I cry when I see homeless people.
[x] I like hugs. 🙂
[x] I don’t like to study for tests. (does anybody?)
[x] I love God.
[/] I play soccer on a team.
[x] I am too forgiving sometimes.
[/] I love high school.
[ ] I love the color pink more than the rest.
[/] I love to sew. (what? it can be fun…lol)
[ ] I have blue eyes.
[/] I like being a passenger in vehicles at nighttime. [ummm, ok? i’d rather be driving. or doing stuff in the backseat with…well, he know who he is… :D]
[/] I become stressed easily.
[ ] I’ve never lied.
[x] I like comfy sweatpants.
[x] I love the rain. esp. when i’m inside & the radio is playing & i’m snuggled in bed
[/] I hate getting shots.
[/] I’m a perfectionist. (not as much as i used to be…)
[x] I like going on rides.
[ ] I’ve gone mooning. (not yet…lol)
[x] I hate the feeling of failure.
[ ] I have my own vehicle.
[/] I love camping.
[/] I can be quite shy. (when i first meet people, or don’t know anybody…)
[x] There’s something I will never forget, either because I can’t or because I just don’t want to.
[x] I love looking at pictures.
[x] I love music.
[/] I do well in school. (ap chem’s a bizzatch…)
[x] I get a lot of e-mail.
[x] I like hot tubs.
[/] I like to be alone sometimes. (much rather company…)

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