2006 in Review

2006: the best of times and the worst of times…

January: 16th Birthday and party; broke up with Matt

February: Tennis Season started; Lights out dance; Broward County Science Fair

March: FIRST Robotics Competition @ UCF (good trip); FIRST Robotics Competition @ Palmetto (amazing trip – we won 1st place); V for Vendetta

April: Spring break in Jamaica (a lot of fun); State Science Fair (won 3rd place); FIRST Championship Event in Atlanta (awesome time); Plywood Regatta

May: AP Exams; International Science Fair in Indianapolis, IN (amazing experiance); 2nd Annual Rapids Trip with friends (good times :D); X-Men 3

June: Disaster @ DeVry Robotics Competition; SAMS @ Carngie Mellon!; Cars

July: Sandcastle Waterpark, Kennywood Amusement Park, Click, Clerks II; Pirates of the Caribbean 2; Superman IMAX [amazing!]

August: SAMS ends; parents got divorced; Began 12th grade at Coral Glades High School; the joke hurricane known as Ernesto; Accepted [funny, though scary… o.O]

September: 1st Debate Competition [won Best Speaker ^.^]; Homecoming ’06;

October: Blue Key Debate Tournament;

November: Ethics Seminar; CFL Debate competition @ JPT; You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Les Miserables

December: FLL Robotics Competition @ Crystal Lake; the INCIDENT (lol); Borat [lmao]

So yeah, it’s been a complex year, filled with many memories, though i’m happy its over. Bring it on, 2007! ❤ melissa 🙂

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