and going and going…

Ok, so I realized that I haven’t actually posted a real post in a while, so here’s one. Um, let’s see what’s going on in my life. There’s school – it has this weird way of always being there. There’s robotics – hot and heavy in build season at the moment ^.^ There’s work, though I’m not there that often because of robotics… There’s that whole college thing – got accepted to UCF and I hear from UF on Friday. Ummm…then there’s all the assorted things that go with everyday life, like pointless drama between friends, parents who can’t ever be pleased, and the never-ending required readings for class, Crime and Punishment the poison of the moment.
Wow, this sounds a lot more pessimistic than I intended…hmm, oh well, lol. Here I leave you with a minimal dose of Cyanide and Happiness because it amuses me. ~mel 🙂

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

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