trick or treating for fourthmeal

I remember experiencing Halloween as a child: my mother thought it was an evil event, giving people an excuse to do stupid things and get away with it – which it is, i won’t deny – so I was usually the kid who didn’t get to dress up or go out and get candy on Halloween night. [I first went trick-or-treating in 7th grade, and even then, it was because I happened to be at my friend’s house for a “study session” the night of Halloween].

But alas, I think I turned out normal, for the most part, and am now here contemplating how Halloween in college is an experience in and of itself. From getting weird looks from people for dressing up in costume on Halloween Day [I was a sailor-turned-navy nurse] to sharing awkward-but-knowing smiles with other people in costume, to getting attacked by a few zombies [no joke, those guys were quite impressive in retrospect], to attending Homecoming Skit Knight [awesome, awesome, awesome], to ending the night traveling to Taco Bell with some friends to pick up a late night snack.

I think I would have felt cheated if I had gotten a taco in my trick or treat basket when I was in middle school, but in college, I think tacos on Halloween night with great company is as good as it gets.

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