It’s happening again.

Do you remember those old TRUTH commercials where some teenager would state something and declare it their anti-drug? [Bored? Google “my anti-drug” and look at the images – people have some interesting anti-drugs, to say the least :P] Well, if you were to ask me mine, I guess I would answer:

Getting involved: my anti-drug.

Well, it’s true. I’ve never been enticed by any kind of drug or whatever, but I do like getting involved. Almost too much. In high school, I joined lots of organizations, had lots of outside-of-school interests and activities and I did my part in and for every one of them. But it got to be too much around junior year [with harder classes, SATs, competitions] and senior year [college apps, even more competitions, plus the ever-blamed senioritis]. I don’t regret doing all the things I did and I would do the exact same thing again if I were to go back. But I promised myself I would not do the nosedive into everything again – or at least not right off the bat.

Yet here I am, tempted to run for officer positions as a freshman, constantly having to sit on my hands to keep from committing myself to too many things. I currently have the perfect mix of activities [class, work, Honors Congress Publications Committee, IM Soccer, ASME, and SWE – a neat few] and I’m enjoying myself in all of them without stressing about overlapping meetings and worrying about letting someone down. But there is always some other activity that sounds interesting or would be fun…

Sometimes an anti-drug can become a drug itself.

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