all is calm, all is bright

I am having an excellent week, which is weird, seeing as next week is exam week. I feel as though I should be freaking out, but I'm not, so, in essence, I am freaking out that I'm not freaking out >.>

Anywho. This week has been going well. Monday was the Provost Symposium [our last Honors Symposium session] and it was good; they played slideshows of memories from throughout the semester and had some guest speakers, it was good. I also recieved an Honorable Mention for the Provost Essay Scholarship, so that was cool.

Yesterday was a good day: classes were good, chilling out for the first time in a while was good; the Honors Congress elections were great – I was elected the 2008 Director of Academic Affairs 😀 I am really excited. Also the LINK Auction was last night, and though neither myself or my friends won anything, it was enjoyable.

So yeah. The holiday fever is starting to catch. Christmas carols are being played on the radio and in stores, gifts are being purchased, plans are being made – and it's not even December yet; its awesome.

The rest of this week is going to be busy, busy, busy: Today is speech class/Winter Wonderland in our Tower 3 courtyard/the Superbad Showing/the UCF Orchestra performance I want to see [i'm not doing all of them, obviously]. Tomorrow is the Candy Cane Coffee House at the Tower 3 Barnes and Noble, which I will be leaving early to go to my first IM soccer game [w00t! excited!]. Friday is my calculus test/making amazing Rigatoni D with Michelle/the BHC Formal that night. Saturday is the Championship football game [!!!] and Sunday is the beginning of the end of forever [i don't know, i don't think i have any real plans for Sunday yet, but i'm sure they'll come up…]

Oh yeah. I discovered that I can update my blog by email, which is awesome and means more randomness from me! [Its the simple pleasures in life that make life grand ^.^]

So yeah. I'm having a good week to date  =)

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