I like the word respite. It sounds so official and like it should stand for something more important than a temporary break.

But yeah. This past week has been ridiculously busy [refer to two entries ago], but oh so worthwhile. My first IM soccer game on Thursday was excellent; we won 5-3 and I played goalie -something I haven’t done since early high school- and it was great fun. Next game is after winter break, and I’m looking forward to it. The Honors Formal on Friday was fun. I enjoyed spending time with my friends dressed nicely and going “crazy on the dance floor”; I hope they have it again, as it can only get better with time.

The C-USA Championship Game against Tulsa on Saturday was by far one of the highlights of this first semester at college. The game was intense throughout, though we dominated in the end with a final score of 44-25. Despite being unable to rush the field at the end of the game [there was literally about 25 cops lining the wall of the student section], I had an awesome time and am reallllly happy I went. Next stop for the Knights: Memphis, Tennessee for the Liberty Bowl against Mississippi State on December 29. After the game, a bunch of us went to Lazy Moon Pizza to hang out, then watched Zoolander [me for the 1st time], nicely capping off an awesome week.

Now, it is finals week. Chem is Wednesday at 7 am [o.O], Speech is Wednesday at 7 pm, and Calc I is Friday at 1 pm. Another busy week awaits us all, but I’m not sure if it will be able to live up to the enjoyability factor of last week’s.

Either way, I think this respite is over.

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