2007 in Review

2007: a busy, busy year

January: 17th Birthday and party

February: Accepted to UCF, UF, and Georgia Tech

March: FIRST Robotics Competition @ UCF (Regional Winners!); FIRST Robotics Competition @ Palmetto (amazing trip – Regional finalists, 1st seeded team); SECME Competition (2nd place Brain Bowl, 2nd Place overall!)

April: Spring break in Jamaica (interesting, as always); FIRST Championship Event in Atlanta; MAO States; Plywood Regatta

May: AP Exams; Silver Knight Awards Ceremony; Senior Prom; High School Graduation

June: UCF Orientation

July: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie [HP5]; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book [HP7]

August: Started college at the University of Central Florida; Superbad, Eclipse book [Twilight 3]

September: Inaugural Brighthouse Networks Stadium football game, Honors Congress Publications Committee member; Monochrome party

October: Halloween party; Bodies Exhibit; 2007 Homecoming week!

November: 2007 Homecoming Week cont.; 1st trip to Tallahassee; Provost Symposium; BHC Distinguished Member dinner; Elected Honors Congress Director of Academic Affairs; 1st IM Soccer Game [we won!]; BHC Formal

December: C-USA Championship Football Game [we won!]; 2nd trip to Tallahassee; Roadtrip to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl Game [we lost, but it was awesome anyway]

So yeah, that was 2007. Busy year, what can I say? Bring it on, 2008!

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