diving in headfirst

Winter break is almost over 😦 That is never a good feeling, no matter how old one gets. Christmas was enjoyable and spending time with the family is always an experience.

The road trip to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl with my friends was amazing; even though we lost the game [it was tied 3-3 until the last 1:57 minutes, when Mississippi State scored a touchdown >.>], it was an amazing experience, that could only possibly be beat by another road trip 🙂 Oh yeah, want to see how amazing my friends are? Go to this link and check out picture #8 – Robert, Joe, and Andrew did this for most of the game – in mid-30 degree weather. Love you guys!

New Year’s was fun. I was at UCF with the friends and we just had a chill night at the dorm. After spending a day in West Palm with said friends, I am now home – and wide awake at 3 am. yay for 2 hour naps in the afternoon that mess up your already precarious sleep schedule!

Classes resume next Monday. I’ve been trying to push it to the back of my head, but it’s getting to the point where to do so would be stupid. Hence, I am ready to jump back into business. This semester is going to be very busy: 17 credit hours, Honors Congress officer position, IM soccer, work, and socializing to not go insane. Oh well, I like it best that way, so cheers to that.

Another year has come and gone; this year is bound to be…interesting.

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