I like sitting in the first row in class – or as close to it as possible.
I like compliments – giving and receiving them.
I overuse the words cool, awesome, amazing, and weird.
I like planning things – parties, trips, anything detail-oriented.
I like robots and anything robotics related.
I love my friends – probably more than they’ll ever realize – and would do anything, except eat pickles, for them.
I love music and finding new music is always a good thing.
I smile and laugh a lot.
I like stupid jokes and life’s little ironies.
I love giving and getting notes/letters/random surprises.
I like treasure/treasure hunts/scavenger hunts/clues/prizes. 🙂
I like using sideways smileys. 🙂
I like dressing up – whether in business attire or costume, it’s all good.
I like photographs, especially black and white ones.
I take a lot of pictures and usually have my camera with me.
I like learning new things and am easily fascinated.
I always fear not being good enough – and that the people I care about will realize they don’t want me around anymore and leave me alone.
I like decorating my walls and can rarely walk away from a poster sale without something.
I like random acts of kindness and doing things ‘just because.’
I like when people tell me the truth and not what they think I want to hear.
I try to live with no regrets.
I like sarcastic humor – unless I’m trying to be serious. Then it just pisses me off.
I like to cook.
I believe everything happens for a reason.
I like writing on my hands – a notepad I can never lose!
I believe in karma – and Newton’s 3rd law 😀
I need to go to bed – now. ❤

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