e is for eighteen

Wow, what a busybusybusy week and a half. Ok, let’s see what’s happened:

Wednesday, January 16 was the Honors College Connect Four Challenge Boardgame Night – aka the first event run by myself as head of academic affairs. It went well, if I do say so myself, and will hopefully become a semi-annual academic event. Then a bunch of us went to the free screening of Across the Universe at the Student Union, which was fun.

Thursday, January 17 was the Foo Fighters concert at the Amway Arena, which I attended with Kristy, Concert Buddy Robert, and Michelle. Against Me and Jimmy Eat World also played and it was an awesome concert, especially since an acoustic stage lowered from the ceiling right in front of where we were sitting 🙂

Last weekend was Martin Luther King weekend [aka a 3 day weekend] – and included an eclectic mix of everything from rockclimbing to a quasi-toga party to 2AM encounters with drunkfolk to lots of chilling at Starbucks to Rock Band parties to 40 degree weather camping trips to sleeping in to becoming a girlfriend to being very happy 🙂 Very, very busy weekend.

Tuesday was equivalent to the Monday of a normal week and henceforth existed, but that’s about it. Though we learned basic tango in ballroom dancing which was amazing ^.^

Wednesday I turned eighteen. It hasn’t set in yet, but then again, I have yet to do anything that I can now do that I could not at seventeen, so yeah. My roommates and friends surprised me by taking me to the Kobe Japanese Hibachi Restaurant for dinner, then by having cake/ice cream/cookie cake/ice cream sandwiches/gifts at 11:30 pm. It was awesomely planned and they were quite convincing with their intent to “celebrate on the weekend” and “being too tired to do anything that night” and the sudden need to go to Publix =). I will never forget my 18th birthday ❤

Yesterday was a day – hmmm, there’s something about these Tuesday/Thursdays…

Today is going well so far, and I am really looking forward to the weekend. Basically, life is great 😀

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