fastpassing through life

This semester is going by really fast. Somehow time is flying – both when I'm having fun and when I'm not having so much fun.

Life since last entry has included:

>days blurring together in the pattern that has become this semester;
>dropping Calc II and deciding to take it over the summer;
>every college student's oasis in the middle of an arid spring semester in the form of spring break coming and going, and over the course of it I went home, came back to UCF, went to Tampa for two days, came back to UCF, attended the FIRST Robotics Florida Regional (and helped my team earn another regional win, as well as the GM Industrial Design Award), and became single again.

It is now hitting me that we have about 4 weeks left in the semester and then I will have finished year 1 of college. Weird… >.> In the words of someone wise I know -and the song 'Wish You Were Here' by Incubus, life is basically one big roller coaster and it seems that this fact has been thrown into sharper focus recently. Lalala, whatever – life goes on, right?

Ok, back to life in the fastpass lane…

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