It has been wayyy too long since I've updated this blog… I'm thinking I may change up the layout sometime soon – time for something new. Speaking of new, yay for getting a new laptop! Seeing as my former desktop has papers on it from about 8th grade, I think its about time for an upgrade =D

Hmm…interesting things of late: Started summer semester and classes are going well – I never thought I would understand Calculus II [and even, *gasp* enjoy it >.<] until I got a teacher who made it understandable… Western Civilization I is easy and Engineering Statics is so far, so good. Went to the Pennywise concert at the House of Blues last weekend, which was fun – who doesn't enjoy a good mosh every now and then ^.^ I recently read The Host by Stephenie Meyer and I highly recommend it to everyone – it has action and aliens and a love story and all the trappings that make for a good book. Going to start reading In the Wake of the Plague by Norman Cantor for Western Civ. Hopefully its good…

But yeah, that's that for now. Oh yeah: is this site where you can update people to what you are doing – that's it. Its really minimalistic, but its really cool how you can "update" what your up to in 140 characters or less and add it to blogs and such, like this one. If you join Twitter, be sure to find me [mabsmith]!

Song Obsession of the Moment: "Sick Sad Little World" by Incubus

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