Quixotic – what an awesome word. It means, “Possessing or acting with the desire to do noble and romantic deeds, without thought of realism and practicality; Impulsive; Like Don Quixote; romantic to extravagance; absurdly chivalric; apt to be deluded.”

I just think it looks/sounds cool.

Okay, so the movie marathon is nearing an end. [NOTE: This marathon spanned a few days, with breaks for sleeping, eating, class, etc. I was NOT watching movies this whole time, lol] I just have to watch Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs and then the current ‘need to see’ list can be crossed out. So grades for the movies seen so far, and other assorted movies I’ve seen recently:

Semi-Pro: D
American Psycho: B+
Snatch: A+
Lucky Number Slevin: A+++
Sin City: A
True Romance: D
American History X: A-
Layer Cake: C
Hancock: B

I reallllly want to go see Wall-E – I’ve been hearing way too much good about it to not see it in theaters…

Random realization: have you ever noticed how it is ALWAYS a full moon at night time in movies? Think about it: random protagonist is out at night doing whatever and the camera cuts to the sky – and its a full moon. Its like the other 3 weeks of a month don’t have anything going on…

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