misspelling ‘misspell’

I have discovered a new irony that made me chuckle: you can very easily misspell the word misspell. In fact, I did just that yesterday [I spelled it mispell >.<] when I was [ironically] correcting someone else's misspelling [ha] of the word 'awe.'

I thought it was funny. I have referred to ironies that amused me in previous entries and will be sure to continue to share any others that come to my notice ^.^

Independence Day weekend was fun; went to Jacksonville with the roommates and slept in [which equals staying in bed until like 9 for me…], spent a great amount of time shooting archery, saw fireworks from the beach, went ice skating [it was my 3rd time and I only fell once, due to a high impact collision with a 7 year old], saw The Sound of Music at the Alhambra Dinner Theater [it was really well done, had a great time], watched Nadal and Federer’s epic Wimbledon finale and basically had a great time overall. Nowwww, back to the previously scheduled [and extremely boring] programming known as the summer session school week.

This Week I Recommend:
>Irony: It definitely makes life all that more interesting 🙂

This Week I Don’t Recommend:
>Spelling Errors: Seriously, you don’t want to have to explain why the mispelling of a word left you in aw.

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