The Word revolution has many definitions:

1) a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving; “the industrial revolution was also a cultural revolution”
2) the overthrow of a government by those who are governed
3) rotation: a single complete turn (axial or orbital); “the plane made three rotations before it crashed”; “the revolution of the earth about the sun takes one year”

All of these definitions apply, figuratively and literally, to recent occurrences in my ever-eventful [that’s sarcastic] life. Let’s see. This past Thursday marked the end of my summer session classes; it also marked the end of my first year in college. [Note: Some people will consider the summer session as the beginning of year two, but since I started college in the fall, not the summer, I consider the next fall the starting of the new year.] This is where definition 3 takes shape – the literal passing of one of Earth’s journeys around the sun and my transition from ‘freshman’ [aka newbie/baby/freshmeat] into ‘sophomore’ [literally ‘wise fool’].

My outlook on life has changed a lot during the past year as well, allowing definition 1 to have its spot. I don’t really feel like detailing everything that I’ve thought or changed my thoughts on in the past year, but basically alot was learned about myself and others, and its just the beginning.

Definition 2 of the word revolution is realized in the fact that I went to one of my favorite and most memorable concerts last Friday: Projekt Revolution with Linkin Park [my all-time fave band ever], Chris Cornell [rock legend and my new hero], The Bravery, Atreyu [their performance was really good], Ashes Divide, and a few other acts. Being my first outdoor concert [it was at Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach], it was quite a long day, spending 9 hours in alternating 90+ degree SoFla heat and pouring rain, but all in all, it was well worth it. ProjRev isn’t an overthrowing of government, but its definitely an overthrowing of daily life and rules for the enjoyment of good music.

Other noteworthy things: ‘Breaking Dawn‘ [Twilight Series book 4 – and conclusion] came out midnight Friday night. Most people who know me know how I can obsess over things I enjoy alot and that can tend to limit my descriptions to awesome/amazing/a similar synonym, but the book was truly a good conclusion to the series and well worth the hype.

That’s all for now; off to read some more 🙂

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