I have always wondered how the word “tomfoolery” came into existence. I can only assume is has something to do with the saying ‘don’t be a foolish Tom,’ but I could be wrong. However, can you imagine the foolishness said Tom must have done to be forever known as Foolish Tom and to spawn his own insult? It must have been epic…

Anyway, I am now starting week 3 of my sophomore year of college. The word “sophomore” is Latin and literally translates to ‘wise fool’ – one of those oxymoronic statements that makes me chuckle. I never understood why this particular word was chosen to represent someone in their second year of study/play/employment, but if I figure it out this year, I’ll be sure to share…

So far this semester:

>Classes have been classes. I’m taking Bio1, Chem2, Physics2, and Intro to CProgramming. Their going to pick up and its going to suck, but their okay at the moment…

>Football! We played SC State two weeks ago [won 17-0] and USF this past Saturday [it was a realllly good game, though we ended up losing in overtime 24-31]. Tailgated for the first time for the USF game and had a great time, despite losing my camera [*if only there were an emoticon to represent extreme sadness…*] during the game, most likely to Zombie Nation [its a Knight thing…]

>Ultimate Frisbee?! So, I somehow managed to join the newly formed Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team? I’m not very good, but I can only get better, right? Right?

So yeah. New semester, new classes, new people, new room [but same awesome roommates/coolest people ever], and new outlook on life? TBD…

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