This week I Recommend:

> Volunteering – Its fun, it makes you feel good about yourself, and sometimes you get awesome balloon art and free pizza [see below]…
> Paying Attention in Class – which I am CLEARLY not doing at the moment [though its Intro to C Programming, so it doesn’t count], but I hear it helps with one’s grade, so I recommend it =)

This week I don’t Recommend:

> Getting Sick – Being sick is no fun, but at least you know your sick. Being in that limbo beforehand where you-could-be-getting-sick-but-if-your-fast-enough-you-could-save-yourself-but-your-a-poor-college-kid-who-can’t-afford-drugs-so-you-probably-won’t-be-able-to is even less fun. Also, run-on sentences. And random statements that make no sense.
> Pizza Overload – Pizza is good, pizza is great, Domino’s pizza 4 days in a row will make you gain fat. [Rhyming is for pansies – just kidding ^.^]

Funny Teacher Quote of the Moment: “Its a beautiful piece of code.” – Prof. Lobo, Intro to C Programming

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