cold genius

This Week I recommend:

>reconnecting: That is with past passions. Lucky for me, my main one is/was robotics and I’ll never have to give it up because there is always something that can be done involving it. This revelation was brought into focus this past weekend when I volunteered at an off-season FIRST robotics competition. Seeing as I’ve been involved some form of robotics since 6th grade and intend to stay involved for the rest of my life, it was enlightening to be brought back into it after a relatively long break and see that it will always be as thrilling as it was back in middle school. We should never forget what we loved doing when we were younger in our old [ha] age.

>cold fronts: For most people, these indicate extreme cold spells, a need for floor length coats and possibly utilizing basic chemistry principles to defrost a driveway. For us Floridians, it means we get a taste of autumn weather for a few days – autumn weather meaning less water in the air than in the nearby canals for once, a breeze strong enough to mess up a game of ultimate frisbee, and possibly wearing a shirt over the usual tank top of choice. It may be temporary, but I’ll take it 🙂

>iTunes Genius: At the risk of sounding like a sales pitch, this new feature of iTunes is really good at connecting songs in your library to each other. Think Pandora, but without the rating/elimination feature and with songs you already own. It doesn’t have stuff for everything yet [how could it not have anything for ‘Pardon Me’ by Incubus?!] but you can update your Genius information and it will do its best. There’s also a sidebar you can open and it will show you songs in the iTunes store you can buy for ‘perfect’ playlists, but those aren’t free, so don’t worry about it. =P

This week I don’t recommend:
>procrastination: especially in important things like homework, studying, laundry, and cleaning your room. I meant to write more about this but…

Hmm, I can’t think of anything else I don’t recommend at the moment. Looks like it was a good week.

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