This Week I Recommend:

>Cleaning your Room: I did and I found a missing button, all of my socks, some desperately needed dry-erase markers, and my floor. Oh, and a puzzle piece, though all my completed puzzles [and I have quite a few] are whole…

>Primal Fear: No, not an inate anxiety about something. The movie, starring Richard Gere and Edward Norton. I watched it for the first time this weekend and basically its an excellent example of a very good movie, in my opinion at least. Go make your own decision and let me know what you think!

This Week I Don’t Recommend:

>Heading a Frisbee: Whether intentional or not, stopping a frisbee with your head [specifically your face, in the nose region, while wearing glasses] is not a fun time. Side effects may include acute pain to the head, chronic bad language, and severe self-loathing.

Remember, as I try to remember myself, to take each day one at a time…

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