This Week I Recommend:

>Slip ‘n Slide Frisbee: For those of you in the Central Florida area, you may recall a thunderstorm of massive proportions that came through last Thursday. Streets were flooded, grassy areas became lakes, and lightning about drowned [ha] out the moon in terms of light sources. So of course we played frisbee =D Or rather, slid around UCF’s Memory Mall under the guise of playing frisbee. It was sliptastic.

>Concerts: Particularly good ones with bands you like and people you like being around. I went to see The Rocket Summer/Phantom Planet/A Secret Handshake/The Morning Light at the House of Blues Orlando last Friday and I had a great time – and realized how much I love concerts, which is why I will be attending at least 3 more in the upcoming month =D [I say yay!, my wallet… not so much] Its going to be great

>Surfing: I went surfing on Saturday in Cocoa Beach through an Honors trip that I ran [we had gone in spring and people liked it, so it happened again]. I’m still not good at it, but I did manage to stand up completely 2 times, which is 2 more than I’ve ever done before, so that made me happy. It really is an enjoyable activity, if a bit tiring…

>Partial All-Nighters: Partial because I did not actually stay up for more than 24 hours. My weekend went like this: [friday] Class until 11:30, work until 5, Rocket Summer concert at House of Blues, movie/mythbusters marathon until 2am, sleep until 7am, [saturday] surf trip to cocoa beach until 1pm, sleep until 5pm, nothing (gasp!) until 8pm, movie conundrum [go watch Primer, it can only be described as a conundrum] until 10:30pm, TD’s bar with a bunch of frisbee people until 1:30am, more movies (Billy Madison) until 3am, sleep until 4am, [sunday] volunteering at Disney’s ‘Race for the Taste’ 10K from 5am-9am, sleep from 10am-3pm, studying until 8pm, frisbee until 10pm, volleyball to 1am, sleep. And now its Monday. Would I have changed any of it? NO! – though I do regret being uber-grumpy en route to volunteering for the 10K [sorry Kristy!]

This Week I Don’t Recommend:

>Physics II: I. Hate. That. Class.

Someone described me as the ‘tolerable’ friend the other day – I managed to cheer myself up by saying that its better than being the ‘intolerable’ friend =P

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