I did not make up the word combustication; it happens to be in the song “Pardon Me” by Incubus, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite songs ever.

I said, “I can relate,”
cause lately I’ve been thinking of combustication
as a welcome vacation from
the burdens of
the planet Earth.
like gravity, hypocrisy,
and the perils of being in 3-D…
but thinking so much differently.

This Week I Recommend:

>Small Doses: My mom and 3 siblings came to visit me on Thursday evening to Friday afternoon [they didn’t have school; oh, how I miss public school early release/teacher planning days…]. I was really happy to see them and I realized how much I missed them once they were gone again. Having to go back to living at home on a daily basis would drive me insane, but, in this case, small doses make life awesome.

>Sleep: I may have recommended this before, but like my un-recommendation for procrastination, it is one of those things that will always be recommended. Thursday my family came, leaving Friday around 1pm. By 4pm, I was on my way to USF for the Tempest ‘N Tampa [TNT] off-season robotics competition where I was volunteering as field reset. Being a lock-in event in the UCF Sun Dome, there were activities -guitar hero, halo, human OverDrive (a human version of the robotics competition)- going on all through the night, which resulted in a grand total of about 3 hours of sleep on the volunteer room floor. Then came a 10-hour day of insane competition, which was just as fun as always (pics can be found at my team’s blog). Left Tampa around 6, got back to UCF around 8, sat on my bed to put something down and woke up the next morning to a phone call at 7:45 am. Sunday was then spent interchanging sleeping and reading, playing Rock Band 2, having a homework-session-in-which-no-homework-was-done-but-my-iTunes-library-was-nicely-organized and playing volleyball. I haven’t slept that much in a long time, but it was awesome.

This Week I Don’t Recommend:

>Injuring yourself: I’m a wimp [as I mentioned in a previous post] in regards to getting scared and to getting injured, an aspect of myself that does not help since I also like trying new things and semi-extreme sports. Anyway, this past Thursday, my left foot started hurting me during frisbee tryouts and I had to go to the athletic trainer, who proceeded to inform me that I had sprained my foot and that it should be okay within 24 hours with icing. Fast forward to today [Monday] and my foot is still hurting; its kind of annoying actually, since I’m doing this weird-limping-but-not-wanting-to-limp-so-I-just-look-dumb-in-general thing. I guess it also doesn’t help that I am determined to keep up my sports playing and played volleyball on it yesterday [<–yeah, I'm stupid…]. The following comic seems to express my current feelings aptly.

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