superfluous fixation

Facebook has been tagged as the medium that will revolutionize the internet and bridge the gap between social networking sites and professional networking sites. Its also been found to be useful for keeping in touch with old friends, distant relatives, and for finding out every time those people-you-will-probably-never-speak-to-ever-again-and-basically-never-spoke-to-at-all-in-high-school-but-for-some-reason-requested-you-as-a-friend-on-Facebook-and-you-didn’t-want-to-be-mean-so-you-added-them sneezes.

Regardless, I recently found a feature on Facebook that puts all the other to rest. Facebook Scrabble. There was a previous form known as Scrabulous, but Hasbro sued for copyright infringement, settled the case, and proceeded to make an official-but-crappier Facebook version of its game.

Now, fun fact about myself: I like boardgames – alot. I also like competing and winning, but I mainly just like boardgames. And puzzles. And Scrabble happens to be a really good mix of both. So because of that, I have been really happy to be able to play Scrabble on Facebook against friends from all over the world. Having been playing Scrabble about non-stop for about 9 hours yesterday, one realizes how quickly things like going to the gym, eating healthy, and leaving your room become irrelevant in comparison with how to utilize the remaining triple word spot with the letters RCJPSUA in your hand [jars, caps, pars, cars, carp, cups, spar].

I think I may be entering a whole new level of dork. o.O

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