rants and nothings

So, another year has meandered its way into existence. 2008 was an interesting year… I’ll do my “year in review” post sometime soon. All in all, I think I learned a lot about myself this year and hopefully can start using some of this knowledge in 2009 as I learn more.

Anyway, as it is the new year, one is compelled to lie to oneself about one’s ability to commit to goals in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. I have never been a proponent of said resolutions, only because it seems that they are expected to be broken, so why waste the effort? Because of that, I will name my goals “nothings” – this way if I fail, I failed at nothing and if I succeeded…well, we’ll cross that bridge if I get to it. I only have 2 nothings this year

Nothing #1: Run 3 times a week
-This will be the harder of the nothings, as I don’t really like running. Ironic, since ultimate frisbee [something I DO like] requires a lot of it. So, to get over my aversion to running – and help build up my endurance for competition season, I aim to run thrice a week.

Nothing #2: Project 365
Photojojo is this really cool website with random photography facts, information, competition, and projects. One of their projects is Project 365, a picture-a-day project that, like it implies, has someone take a picture a day for one year. The pictures can be of anything/anyone/etc, you just have to take at least one a day. I was intrigued, looked at some of the previous participant’s albums and now here I am, going to attempt to do this for the year 2009. And, of course, I will be posting the pics here in my blog [although I may figure out how to use flickr and put them on there too…]

2009 will be memorable, one way or another…

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