Spring 2009

5 Classes, 15 credit hours

EUH2001: Western Civilization II
-European history from the Renaissance to present. This may surprisingly be my most difficult class due to the insane professor I have…but we’ll see.

EXP3250: Principles of Human Factors Psychology
-Basically in an age where machines and computers are becoming more commonplace and necessary for everyday life, humans are being exposed to, working with, and utilizing them more. Human factors psychology[like ergonomics and industrial engineering] deals with figuring out how to improve work conditions, improve overall health and make life better in general for humans.

PPE3003: Personality Theory
-Probably going to be my favorite class this semester and in college to date. Basically we learn about all the different personality theories developed by famous psychologists of old [Freud, Jung, Myers-Briggs, etc] and apply them to people we know in 2 papers we have to write during the semester. The best part: my professor plays clips from “The Office” and other popular television shows to demonstrate personality traits/characteristics 🙂

PSB3002: Physiological Psychology
-Studying the brain to find out how it works, how it controls things in the body, how it relates to things like emotion and personality – and what happens when it doesn’t work correctly and things like schizophrenia and other psychological disorders develop. I’m really looking forward to learning the content of this class.

STA2023: Statistical Methods I
-Statistics. I’ve never taken a statistics class, not even in high school, so it should be interesting to see how I like it. Especially since I’ll be taking a lot more stat classes with my recent major change.

Oh yeah, I changed my major to psychology, in case all the pysch classes were not an indication or anything… Should be an interesting semester.

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