I keep misspelling the word “opportunity”. So I’m using every opportunity I can to type the word opportunity correctly.

Yay Inauguration Day! I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it live at noon, but I’ll definitely watch the Inaugural Address later at some point.

Time has been doing what it does best, regardless of current activities [aka flying], so its shocking to think that January is almost over. I shall take this opportunity to overview stuff going on right now:

>Status of my Nothings: I made 2 nothings this year [take a photo a day and run thrice a week]. So far I have been keeping up with the photo one (refer to the past 2 weeks of blogs), but I haven’t been running thrice a week. I HAVE been taking classes at the gym and actually doing our pre-practice run at frisbee though, so I’m not totally off track.

Also, I’m going to start posting my “photo a day” pics weekly all at once – it makes life simpler.

>First Frisbee Tournament: Last weekend was the UCF Women’s Club Frisbee team’s first tournament. It was the Janus Frisbee Tournament in Bradenton, FL [near Tampa] and overall it was a great first tournament. We didn’t win any games [we didn’t expect to], but we learned alot and improved immensely over the course of the 2 days. Our next tournament is next weekend in Gainesville [Florida Winter Classic]. More on that later.

>Classes: So far, so good! I am thoroughly enjoying 4/5 of my classes, though we’ll see how I feel after the first tests in each of these classes. My fifth class, however, is already getting to me. The class is Western Civilization II and the content itself is actually manageable – its the teacher that is very successfully driving me insane. I won’t name him until after I’m done with his class, but he spouts off his personal opinion about politics, criticizing and ridiculing anyone who doesn’t agree with his personal views, and wastes class time interrogating students about their views so he can belittle them. I am barely 2 weeks into his class and I want it to end. Its honestly the first time I have ever disliked a class solely because of the instructor.

Anyway, I’ll get through the semester – and then I’ll make sure to never take him again…

Ok, back to human factors psychology!

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