This Week I Recommend

Kings of Leon – I had one song by them [“On Call”] for the longest time and they recently released the song “Sex On Fire” that’s been getting a lot of airtime on radio stations, in commercials/television shows, etc. Then at the washboard abs/flexibility class I took this morning, I heard the song “Closer” by them and was hooked. Their different, utilizing catchy beats, old school sounds, and resonating vocals in an impressive way. Similar Artists: Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, The Strokes

This Week I Don’t Recommend

Wanted: the movie. Honestly, it was an interesting premise and who doesn’t like looking at Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie? But honestly, the complete disregard for things like physics and good acting made me laugh out loud literally multiple times during the movie. Forgetting the bullets stopping other bullets and one bullet taking out at least 12 people at once for a second, did you know that a person falling into the side of the train can knock it off its tracks? I learned that during this movie. I did like the ending line though…you just have to get through 200 minutes of comedy first to hear it =D

Movie Quote of the Moment: “This is me taking control of my life…what the **** have you done lately?” – Wanted

Band of the Moment: Kings of Leon

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