One can be overwhelmed and one can be underwhelmed – but can one just be whelmed? I had a discussion about this a while back with some friends and it came back to me earlier. Its an pause-worthy thought…

Anyway, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently, only because so many things are going on at once. For instance:

>Robotics: I haven’t been posting about it as much this season, but its still happening and we shipped our robots [1251 (my team) collaborated with teams 1902 and 408 to make triplets] on Tuesday after an epic 4 day build-marathon. [Pics can be found here.] I’m still recovering…

>Birthdays: there will have been 6 significant birthdays within two weeks come next Tuesday, each of which requiring its own set of planning/secrecy/execution/etc. Its alot of fun, but it is alot in general.

>Schoolwork: so far this semester has been great, and my first set of tests came back well. However, I definitely am starting to fall behind – and putting off papers/skipping class out of sheer exhaustion isn’t helping too much @.@

>Frisbee: I’ve been to 2 competitions so far this semester, going to another one this weekend in Baton Rouge [leaving Friday morning,coming back early Monday morning, 20hour drive round-trip]. Should definitely be interesting, since us girls will be playing on a mixed team with the B-Team guys.

>Nothings: I have fallen wayyyy behind with the uploading of my “Photo A Day” photos on Flickr and hence this blog, but I am taking them so I’ll post them eventually…

Until next time…

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