freudian trauma

I’m currently in my Western Civilization II class, listening to my teacher give incorrect information regarding Freud; hence the title of the post. Besides that, it has been an interesting month [exactly] since I last updated. Let’s see, there was:

-Mardi Gras Frisbee Tournament: went very well – us girls and the guys B-team [Havoc] have decided to go as a mixed team from now on; Baton Rouge was pretty cool, from what we saw of it. We didn’t get the chance to go to New Orleans, but oh well. There’s always next year… Next [and last] tournament is this weekend in GA.

-Sick, Sick, Sick: the entire week after the frisbee tournament, I was very ill. Like, could-barely-get-out-of-bed-to-use-the-bathroom sick. After about a gallon of orange juice, more sleep than I’ve gotten…ever, a visit to the health center, and some puzzle therapy with Spencer, I got better 🙂

-Spencer: my ally. Facebook says we’re in a relationship, but its just a disguise for our alliance against the others 😛 [note: if you have not seen season 1 of “The Office”, you may be slightly confused…]

-Watchmen: the comic is blow-your-mind awesome. The movie got released a few weeks ago [I went to the midnight showing, of course] and it was okay. I personally liked it, but the main critique of it from critics/people I know is that it sticks TOO much to the comic. There is just no pleasing people, is there?

-Spring Break: Went home for 3 days, then went to High School Robert’s beach house in New Smyrna and hung out with some cool people. It was literally a sleep-in-until-you-physically-could-not-anymore, then go to the beach-until-you-could-not-stand-it, with food/dream interpretations/scrabble thrown into the mix. It was great 😛 Then I came back to UCF on the Wednesday to go to a Magic vs. Bulls game with Spencer [Magic won 109-79], and to prepare for the robotics competition.

-Robotics!: The FIRST Florida Regional was last Thursday-Saturday. I was volunteering and doing field reset [which was awesome – best view in the house!], but I was still mentoring 1251 when I got the chance. After a technical difficulties and one match where we were disabled due to not having our trailer hitch attached [grrr], we managed to get picked by teams 744 and 79 [the 3rd seeded alliance] and eventually became the regional finalists, losing in the third match of the finals to teams 179, 233, and 1649. It was one of the most epic finals rounds I have ever witnessed; too bad we couldn’t make it a 1251 3-peat FL regional win, but there’s always next year…

-True Blood: the vampire HBO show. I’ve been watching it with Spencer recently and HOLY CRAP is it addicting. The characters make you want to simultaneously kill them and make them your best friends, but either way they draw you in and make you desperately want to find out what happens next. I’m looking forward to the next season which starts this summer.

-Failing at nothings: sooo, I have not been running thrice a week. And I have missed a few days of my Photo-a-day project, making the entire thing null. I’ll have to restart at some point… Until then though, I have failed at [my] nothing[s].

Ok, class is done.

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  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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