[sisterly love]

A conversation I had on Facebook with my little sister Jennifer. Note: she’s 12, insisted on getting a Facebook despite me telling her not to, has no idea how to use it, and swears everything my brothers tell her [ages 17 and 14] is correct. She’s great =D

(10:06am) Melissa: hi

(10:07am) Jennifer: hello

(10:07am) Melissa: what smiley? i didn’t send you a smiley

i sent you a bumper sticker

(10:07am) Jennifer: a bumper sticker


(10:08am) Melissa:you click on it and then add the bumper sticker application

then you’ll see the sticker i sent you

(10:08am) Jennifer: where do u go 2 find it?

(10:09am) Melissa: gah, never mind

i’ll show you when you come up next week

(10:09am) Jennifer: ok

(10:09am) Melissa: there is no transformers 3

(10:09am) Jennifer: yes there is

came out yesterday

newton saw it wit oneal

(10:09am) Melissa: ……………………………….

that’s transformers 2


(10:10am) Jennifer: its called revenge of the fallen


(10:10am) Melissa: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transformers_2

read that article

see the link? it says ‘transformers 2’

what is the title of the article that it leads to?

(10:11am) Jennifer: y do always have to look into stuff like that?

(10:11am) Melissa: YOU







(10:11am) Jennifer: shutup u tard

(10:11am) Melissa: ummm, i repeat:








(10:12am) Jennifer: they said it wuz 3 cuz they saw 1 and 2 already

(10:12am) Melissa: THERE. IS. NO. TRANSFORMERS. 3.

they played you baddddd

and you fell for it


(10:12am) Jennifer: then wat came out yesterday?

(10:12am) Melissa: transformers 2. are you not listening to me?

(10:13am) Jennifer: cuz i saw 1 and 2

(10:13am) Melissa: no you didn’t

gah, stop talking to me

(10:14am) Jennifer: watever u liar

wats gah?

(10:14am) Melissa: “It is the sequel to 2007’s Transformers, which was the first live action Transformers film. “

(10:14am) Jennifer: is it rainin up there like everyday?

(10:14am) Melissa: what does that say?

(10:14am) Jennifer: wat does wat say

(10:14am) Melissa: no, its not raining, its just unnaturally hot

‘gah’ is a sound of frustration made by people when other people are being stupid

(10:15am) Jennifer: u dont write it!

(10:15am) Melissa: i can write what i want

(10:15am) Jennifer: yur tellin me:(

(10:18am) Jennifer: were r u?


no seriously

(10:22am) Melissa: ok ttyl

(10:22am) Jennifer: bye

wers my bumper?


(10:22am) Melissa: btw, read my blog; i’m about to post our conversation and let people know how awesomely dumb you can be ❤

(10:22am) Jennifer: nooooooooo!

dont u dare!

(10:23am) Melissa: 🙂

(10:24am) Jennifer: dont post it!

(10:24am) Melissa: peace

(10:24am) Jennifer: melissa!

I love my sister ❤

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