[Concert Review: Incubus]

I’ve never written a [true] concert review before, but I go to enough concerts that I feel I should start. And what better one to start with than with my all-time favorite band Incubus? Though realistically, there are few bands that I can recognize every song they play, as well as sing along with every song at the concert – like I can with Incubus. So we’ll see how that goes…

Anyway, I attended the Incubus show on Sunday, August 16 at Bayfront Park in Miami. The weather was perfect [not humid, not raining, not hot – unreal for South Florida actually], the amphitheater is small so even my lawn seats had a relatively good view and the atmosphere was great.

A band from London called The Duke Spirits opened; they were alright for an opening band – nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. They were the only band before Incubus though, so I think that made me able to tolerate them more.

After the break between bands, Incubus comes out – and opens with my all-time favorite Incubus song ‘Pardon Me’. I about cried I was so happy. [/mindless babble]. Overall they played 18 songs:

-Pardon Me
-Nice to Know You
-Anna Molly
-Love Hurts
-Just a Phase
-Drive (acoustic)
-Talk Show on Mute (acoustic)
-Dig (acoustic)
-Look Alive
-Oil and Water
-A Kiss to Send Us Off
-Wish You Were Here
-Aqueous Transmission

-Are You In?
-Cover of the Prince song “Let’s Go Crazy”

It was an amazing setlist, in my opinion, with 6 songs coming from “Morning View”, arguably their best album. The best part was they played the songs we know and love, but added enough flavor to each song so it wasn’t like listening to a live version of a CD. For instance, they inserted an extended break in the middle of the song ‘Drive’, even stopping to talk with the audience for a bit before finishing the song; they played the song ‘Dig’ with a kind of latin rhythm that really sounded great, and they played ‘Are You In?’ in a jazzy style, that contrasted nicely with the other encore song ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.

I took some video clips of some of the performances; depending on if you can hear anything worthwhile, I’ll make a compilation video of some of them.

Overall, this was an excellent concert and I would highly recommend that anyone who likes anything by Incubus go see them live – its a concert experience you don’t want to miss.

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