[Book Review: My Soul to Take]

In an effort to level out my book reviews by including books I’ve read and disliked, I am including this review of the book “My Soul to Take” by Rachel Vincent. Based around the concept of banshees [or bean sidhes] in modern day society, this book is the first in Vincent’s ‘Soul Screamers’ series. Protagonist Kaylee appears to be a normal high school junior – except for the fact that she starts having premonitions about people around her who are going to die in the immediate future and has the uncontrollable urge to scream when the premonition occurs.

Sounds like an interesting concept, right? It is… but the book is poorly written, with cardboard characters, unnecessary implied sexual tension [its published by Harlequin Teen – enough said], and a desperate out-of-nowhere ending that is meant to hook you into wanting to read the sequel [My Soul to Save, out Jan 2010], but failing miserably. I only finished the book because it was relatively short and because I have been happily surprised by books before. Unfortunately, not this one.

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