[Book Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife]

Being that I spend an unhealthy amount of time in bookstores and libraries, I had seen the novel ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ around plenty of times since it was published back in 2004, but I never thought to pick it up and check it out because it didn’t seem like my kind of book. Then I saw the preview for the movie being made of it back during the Spring and it seemed like a very interesting premise of a story.

Which brings us to now, with me just finishing the book [borrowed from the library] and immediately buying my own copy so I can reread it at leisure in the future. I was very pleased with the book overall: it had a unique narrative style, literally jumping through time to slowly reveal the intertwined stories of Henry and Claire, the two main characters of the novel, and their interactions at various points in each others lives. The supporting characters are just as interesting as the main ones, but the main captivating concept that truly had me absorbed in this book throughout and even now was the author’s concept of time travel and all the philosophical, physical, scientific, and even genetic aspects of her created ‘affliction.’ At first it seemed intimidating that the story would be jumping around through time, but the reader quickly catches on and is quickly taken for one of the most thrilling novel rides I’ve had in a while. I highly recommend this book and give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Now I’m afraid to read anything else, having read two ridiculously good novels [The Book Thief, now this] in such proximity of each other, haha. Just kidding, I’m always reading – ever on a quest for that next great novel!

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