[2009 in Review]

2009: a year of high highs and low lows

-Daddy passed away [+]
-Started second year as Director of Academic Affairs for Honors Congress
-Janus Frisbee Tournament
-Florida Winter Classic Frisbee Tournament

-Horseback Riding trip
-Mardi Gras Frisbee Tournament

-Started dating Spencer
-College Southerns Frisbee Tournament
-Magic Game vs Bulls at Amway Arena
-Spring Break/FIRST Robotics Regional
-Started watching True Blood – addicted!

-AccioCon (Harry Potter and Twilight Convention in Orlando)
-FIRST Robotics Championship Event in Atlanta
-Fall Out Boy Concert at UCF Arena (3rd time seeing them)

-London and Paris with Jen

-Started geocaching

-Dressed up for Chick-Fil-A Cow Day!
-Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in theaters!

-Incubus in concert at Bayfront Park in Miami!

-Stopped dating Spencer
-Chevelle in concert at House of Blues Orlando!
-Blink 182 in concert at Ford Ampitheatre in Tampa!

-got my DSLR! (Canon Rebel XTi)
-Flyfleaf in concert – kind of – at the WJRR Listening Studio!
-Paramore in concert at House of Blues Orlando! (2nd time seeing them)
-Kennedy Space Center trip

-Say Anything in concert at the Social Orlando! (2nd time seeing them and new fave concert)

-Elected 2010 President of Honors Congress!
-Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Amway Arena
-Impromptu New Year’s Eve road trip around state with Concert Buddy Robert [henceforth referred to as DocteurRob – details to come]

Looking forward to 2010 and the new decade.

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