I’ve gotten back to doing crossword puzzles again, which is how I learned the word “obsolescent,” which means ‘becoming obsolete.’ Winter break is obsolescent, seeing that is ends this weekend, but I am looking forward to the new semester.

Speaking of which, HAPPY NEW YEAR! [I was going to say ‘Happy Belated New Year’ but its still a new year so as long as I haven’t spoken to you since last year, the phrase fits. Also, ‘Happy Belated New Year’ just sounds lame.] The fireworks photo here is from my New Year’s Eve adventure that culminated in this spectacular fireworks display at Busch Gardens. DocteurRob [formerly known as Concert-buddy Robert] and I had intended to head from UCF to Ft. Lauderdale to spend New Year’s Eve down there; however, en route, he got a text from his brother about a special year pass deal going on at Busch Gardens that night so we turned around and headed to Tampa and had a blast at Busch Gardens with his brother+his friends.

Actually, Robert’s started a weekly Youtube video blog, so you can just watch our escapades yourself! If you like it, subscribe to his Youtube channel! I’ll no doubt be showing up throughout its duration =D


Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is looking forward to the year ahead!

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