[Weekly Pick-Me-Up: MLIA]

Recently discovered the website “My Life is Average” – think the anti-thesis of FMyLife. I find it hilarious and below are some of my personal favorites from the site. Definitely a way to waste a lot of time but stay slightly amused throughout.

  • Today, I realized that I am unemployed, live with my mother, play video games all day in my basement, and I am still a virgin. It’s alright, I finish 9th grade next week. MLIA

  • Today, I saw a commercial for the Snuggie. I thought it was stupid idea but I couldn’t change the channel because I was under a blanket and I didn’t want my arms to get cold. MLIA

  • Today, I put my iPod on shuffle. I skipped most of the songs to get to the ones I like. MLIA

  • Today, the whole world came crashing down on me, so I got some tape and stuck the map back onto the wall. MLIA

  • The other day I learned that if you say ‘beer can’ with an English accent, you’re saying ‘bacon’ with a Jamaican accent. Mind blown. MLIA

  • Today, my boss passed me in the hall at work and asked me “Do you have a sec?”. I was trying to be flippant and replied “I have tons of secs”. We both pretended I didn’t say that. MLIA.

  • Today I was driving by the lake and I saw a Jeep full of guys pass me. They were hanging out the windows and the sunroof, paddling with canoe paddles, and singing “Just Around the Riverbend” from Pocahontas. It easily may have been the coolest thing I’ve seen, ever. MLIA

  • Today, I got out of the shower and washed my hands. I still don’t know why I did that. MLIA.

  • Today, I realized the reason Dr. Seuss was so succesfull with rhyming is because he made up things to rhyme with. Brilliant. MLIA

  • Today I found out that people from South Africa use the term “That’s so legend” instead of “That’s so cool.” I will never be using “That’s so cool” ever again. MLIA.

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