I’ve been feeling really stressed out lately. Between college senior classes, my officer positions, working, trying to apply to graduate school, research, etc., etc, I’ve been feeling like I have no real time to sit back and relax. I’m going to change that though. It is my senior year of college. These are the years that everyone says are the best, yet here I am, not allowing myself to enjoy everything that has been accomplished up to this point.

I started this WordPress blog in an effort to show one of the ways I am allowing myself to change. I hope to make this the base for a website instead of just a blog. I also want to update it more often then I did my previous blog, as I have been severely slacking and I actually enjoy blogging when I get around to it. I also plan to take more photos and update my flickr more often.

Someone told me recently that sharing your goals with other people makes them less likely to be reached. Though part of me wants to be snarky and say that that is only the case because if you never tell anyone, no one can call you out when you fail. But I digress. I hope to be able to stick with these simple goals, these first small steps into what I know will be a journey I share with everyone.


  1. I think that whoever told you that sharing your goals with others makes them less likely to be reached has most likely never embarked on a goal-oriented mission that is anything but self serving. If you share your goals, hopes, and dreams with others, the likelihood that someone will help you for the cause exponentially increases. Yes, I feel like there can possibly be detracting aspects of letting loose all your ambition on people – I know from experience – but telling people about the things that will shape your life in the future is never a bad thing. One of my favorite people that I met this last semester has a great saying that he shares with me frequently. “Down for the cause, not the applause.”

  2. “Down for the cause, not the applause.” What a great saying and idea. I think I’m going to make that one of my “quotes to live by.” =D

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