KCMO on my mind

Though I may sometimes slip into the broken, college-student record about how boring day-to-day

life is, I actually get to do, and often experience, some interesting things. I will be posting about some of the things I’ve done that I haven’t gotten around to writing about and attempt to keep up with them as they happen.

Starting with this past weekend. This past Thursday – Saturday, I was in Kansas City, Missouri attending the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference. As president of the UCF Honors Congress, I was fortunate to represent the university and the Burnett Honors College at this prestigious event. Along with myself, my fellow officers Brendan, Lauren and Robert were also in attendance. The four of us gave two presentations: “Incorporating Social Media into Honors” and “How Our Honors Program Makes a Positive Difference on the Freshmen Experience”.

Enough of the serious stuff. I had NO expectations before I went to Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO). I half expected this conference to be taking place in a barn. I was wrong and very much happy to be so. Downtown Kansas City is gorgeous, with high-rise buildings, fountains everywhere [earning it the moniker

“The City of Fountains”]. Also dubbed the ‘Heart of America’, this city was filled with lovely diners, a hopping nightlife and great historical/cultural sites. There was something to do every moment we were out, whether it was enjoying walking around the city in a late night rendezvous, findingfabulous clothes at trendy boutiques or sampling the delicious Canadian-inspired fare of my new favorite diner, Fran’s.

The conference itself was held in the Downtown Kansas City Marriott, which was a thing of beauty in itself. Without sounding like a broken record, it was a great hotel and perfect for this conference of about 500 people. I have 2 favorite parts about this entire trip:

  • The Conference Gala: Taking place in the breathtakingly historic Midland Theater, the conference gala was part awards ceremony, part improv comedy show and part live blues music. The improv troupe, Tantrum, wasMidland Theater, KCMO hilariousSamantha Fish Blues Band, KCMO, catering to the dorky, edgy humor one usually finds in a mass of honors college students/teachers. The musical performance by the Samantha Fish Blues Band was stunning.Samantha Fish, the 21 year-old singer and front-woman, had a soul-wrenching voice and could challenge many of the lead guitarists I have seen to date. Definitely check out her music if you get the chance.
  • Meeting New People: I was truly thrilled with how many neat and interesting people I met in KCMO. From the citizens of the city itself to the hilarious bunch I met from the University of Nebraska-Omaha to eclectic mix from Eastern Kentucky University, there were so many new people and many connections made in the literally 2.5 days I was there. It continues to boggle my mind how much you can learn about literal strangers in such a short period of time, learning enough to now know about personal stances against the internet [Neil], future career goals and aspirations [Hamza] and even learn about what firstKCMO impressions you give off yourself [Nicole]. This was my favorite part of the conference.

Maybe someday I will return to Kansas City; maybe not. Regardless, the city has left a lasting impression on me and Iam glad to have been able to experience it myself.

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  1. It sounds like it was really an amazing experience! 🙂 I hope I get to go to something like that at some point. I love when things turn out so much better than you thought they would.

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