Forever XXI

I just realized that I have been slacking on my annual traditions!: my birthday lexicon and my superbowl ad rundown. I’ll get to the superbowl ad post sometime soon, but seeing as I have been 21 for 2 weeks now, I feel like I should get this out there. Basically, I honestly truly wish I could be forever 21. I finally feel free to enjoy life – and not because of alcohol, but because now I don’t have to worry about if a place is 18+ when planning nights out with friends or if I’ll have to find an alternate location. Other than rent a car and run for president, I am no longer hindered by age in what I want to do – and that makes 21 awesome.

1) I now own and am learning to play the bass guitar.
2) According to Myers-Briggs, I am ENTJ/ESTJ (depending on the day, haha) and it’s pretty (eerily) accurate.
3) I love to read and find myself reading whenever I get a spare moment.
4) I also play the violin, but I haven’t played seriously in a while, which saddens me.
5) I love photography and want to get better at it.
6) Everything fascinates me and it makes my list of interests seem endless.
7) I will be studying abroad in Peru this July!
8.) As such, I am working on getting proficient in speaking Spanish.
9) I have an unofficial collection of Lego minifigures.
10) I am planning on attending the 2012 Summer Olympics in London next year.
11) Kings of Leon was my fave first-time-seeing concert this past year.
12) Say Anything was my fave seeing-again concert this past year.
13) I love going to concerts.
14) I don’t cook often, but greatly enjoy it when I do.
15) I am deathly afraid of breaking  a bone/getting seriously injured/things crawling on me.
16) However, I love trying extreme sports – with the proper safety equipment, of course =D
17) I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
18) I STILL need to learn how to drive stick-shift.
19) I’m slowly becoming one of “those” iPhone people. It’s just such a great phone =P
20) I like team sports/ exercising with other people.
21) I am constantly learning and I love it.

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