Twenty Two (22)

Time for my annual birthday lexicon! 21 was a fun age, here’s hoping 22 is even better!

1) I’m obsessed with the show “Jeopardy”
2) Probably because I like knowing about things
3) And like knowing obscure, miscellaneous facts.
4) According to the Enneagram test, I am a 7 (an adventurer).
5) I am currently planning a trip to Seattle and I can’t wait.
6) I’ve never been to California, but want to visit ASAP.
7) I still want to be an astronaut.
8.) I only went to one concert last year, which is the fewest I’ve been to since 2007.
9) However, that concert was to see Incubus for the second time, so it was awesome.
10) I want to go to more concerts this year.
11) Though I need to find a concert buddy up here in DC (applicants always welcome!)
12) I will be attending 2012 MegaCon in Orlando again this year.
13) I absolutely love black & white photography.
14) Actually, I just really like the color combination of black and white, in general.
15) I can’t stand tuna – or pickles.
16) I read 56 books last year and I’m aiming to beat that this year.
17) I recently got a MacBook Pro and I like it a lot.
18) But I’ll always still be a PC girl (65/35, PC/Mac)
19) I am aiming to run a 5k this year.
20) I really like statistics.
21) I’m a dork, but I like being a dork, so whatever.
22) That last one was a total cop out as I am running out of things to say and have homework I should be doing =D

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