To each their Vice


I am not an active reader of Vice magazine, nor do I particularly have any vested interest in what they do – but they have forever lost a potential reader in me. This is due to their recent fashion spread depicting models posed as famous female authors who killed themselves – at the moment of their suicide. The captions for the photos list the portrayed author’s birth and death years – and information about the clothes the model is wearing. Because the spread is meant to sell clothes. The original article seems to have been removed or is at least MIA, but Jezebel posted a response article here.

A few of the comments on this article nail my feelings about this: if this were in an art gallery and meant to be a commentary of the glamorization of tragic females, this would be brilliant.  But it’s not. It’s in a magazine meant to sell clothes/lifestyles/etc. Also, the original article tells *nothing* about the works of these authors, just depicts their suicide. And that in and of itself is insulting to their memories and legacies.

I don’t really have much more to say, other than I hope Vice gets enough backlash from this to do a double-take in the future when they are considering a shock-for-the-sake-of-shock piece.

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