A Post About My Mom

Mom & I
Veronica M. Smith (1958-2014)

I debated a long time whether to post about this or not, but here goes. My mother Veronica M. Smith passed away on November 9, 2014 after almost a decade of battling breast cancer. It’s been almost 3 months, but that time feels simultaneously infinitely long and infinitesimally small. I still often catch myself thinking of things I need to remember to tell her only to have everything hit me anew.

There’s so much I want to say and yet so much I cannot articulate even now. One day I hope I can convey how much this woman is responsible for the person I am. Having lost both her and my father so close together and so early in life is something I don’t think I will ever come to terms with, but I’m trying to, one day at a time.IMG_0863

As of now though, I, and my siblings Karlyle, Newton, & Jennifer, hope to become the people our parents believed we were worthy of being and carry on the message of hard work, pleasantness, and dedication our mother spent her life spreading. Love you, Mom.


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