Off to the land of cheese & chocolate!

I’m currently literally sitting in the airport in eager anticipation for my one-way flight to Zurich, Switzerland this evening. It’s been a whirlwind 2 months since I decided to switch teams within YouTube and join the Creator team in Zurich. I was super content with my former team; I still felt challenged and motivated as a researcher working on the video watching experience of YouTube. But I’ve always wanted to experience living abroad and not studying abroad during undergrad/grad school was one of the few regrets I’ve had to date in life. So, when the opportunity came up to continue working on a product I truly love with the added benefit of scratching my travel itch, I couldn’t say no.

So, here I am! Departing San Francisco after 2 crazy/lesson-teaching/intense/whirlwind years and off to Zurich! I intend to travel far, wide, and often, hopefully gaining a global perspective that will influence my research and my personal growth. I’m restarting my (poor, neglected, I’m so sorry) blog and hoping that it will be a way to keep friends/family/my future self in the loop about things that require a bit more reflection than an Instagram caption allows. I’m going to be safe and say I’ll update this twice a month, but feel free to follow along my travel Instagram (@mabsreadsntravels) for more frequent updates!

Currently reading: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Current song obsession: Don’t Matter to Me by Drake/Michael Jackson