Ongoing Research

Human Trust in Automation/Social Robotics Research

Collaborators: Dr. Eva Wiese, Dr. Raja Parasuraman, Dr. Ewart de Visser, Eric Blumberg, Ari Mandell, Molly Martini

Researching how human trust in automation can be affected by agent type, agent characteristics, agent intent, and individual differences. . My specific responsibilities include creating a theory-of-mind experiment, creating an intentionality and vigilance experiment, analyzing individual difference data, helping run participants in the various studies, overseeing the undergraduates running continued data collection, and continuing development of research. My dissertation work was also within this area; stay tuned for upcoming publications based on my dissertation!

My undergraduate thesis research also pertains to human trust in robotics, a poster of which was presented at APS 2012 [link to poster: APS2012-HIMposter].

EEG & Training

Collaborators: Dr. Matthew Peterson, Eric Blumberg

This research is a part of a grant from the Army studying how to utilize real-time EEG to aid with training for a discrimination task. This ongoing research has helped teach me how to conduct EEG studies, MATLAB, EEGLAB, BCILAB, as well as the methodologies behind using classifiers and real-time feedback analysis.

Spatial Working Memory & Visual Noise

Collaborators: Dr. Matthew Peterson, Eric Blumberg

Researching how gestalt figures impact the memorization of the spatial locations of objects. A four-experiment study was conducted for this research, with a poster of the initial experiment’s results presented at the 2012 Vision Sciences Society Conference in May 2012 [link to poster: VSS2012posterFINAL ]. A  journal paper of the overall study is currently being written.

Past Research

Design Fixation & Eye Movements

Collaborators: Dr. Robert Youmans, Dr. Matthew Peterson, Brooke Bellows

Researching how eye movements relate to design fixation in poster drawing.  This research has been accepted for presentation and publication at the 2013 Human Computer Interaction International Conference in July 2013.  Follow up studies utilizing expert designers and different design tasks are being developed. Stay tuned for a link to the conference publication!

Eye Movements & Multiple Displays

Collaborators: Patrick Mead and Dr. Peter Squire, at the Human Systems Integration department at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren

Researched and modeled how eye movements could be used to switch between multiple monitors. The current status is that a paper has been submitted and is pending review in Ergonomics in Design. This research was conducted during a 10-week internship at the NSWCDD during Summer 2012.